MCR-ALS 2.0 toolbox

There are two options to download the software:

  1. From our servers @ MCR-ALS 2.0 toolbox (download here)
    • Please note that due to computer attacks, the access (and the download) from our servers can be forbidden to all users or some international users.
    • Last Updated July 2021 – If the link doesn’t work, right click and open in a new tab
  2. From the Zenodo repository @ Zenodo link

** Some compatibility issues have been detected between the latest versions of the GUI and older MATLAB releases. If you encountered some of these problems, use this version of the GUI (tested  in MATLAB R2008a): MCR-ALS 2.0 toolbox for older MATLAB releases (last updated May 2018)

An updated version of the graphical user-friendly interface related to the Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares (MCR-ALS) algorithm is presented. This GUI works under MATLAB® environment and includes recent published advances of this algorithm linked to the implementation of additional constraints, such as kinetic hard-modeling and correlation (calibration), as well as constraints linked to model structure for multiset and multi-way data analysis, such as the possibility to use fully or partially multilinear models (trilinear or quadrilinear) to describe the data set.

Software Description and Requirements

The GUI updated version for the MCR-ALS algorithm consists of a series of MATLAB® files developed under its release 2013a. The main MCR routine is named mcr_main and it calls all the necessary auxiliary routines. MCR-ALS code, related tutorials and data sets for practicing are available at the Multivariate Curve Resolution web page.

You can download the examples related to this manuscript here.

If you find any bug, please contact us.

HQ Videos – Supplementary Material of the manuscript

History of updates

  • June 13th 2021: corrected some minor issues and quadrilinear options
  • February 16th 2021: corrected some minor issues
  • May 18th 2018: corrected MATLAB compatibility issues, added new advanced options in MCRBANDS
  • March 29th 2016: Added version for older MATLAB releases
  • October 13th 2015: corrected MATLAB compatibility issues
  • June 8th 2015: kinetic model bug
  • April 15th 2015: Added SVD options for large matrices
  • April 10th 2015: Added multiple MATLAB data types option
  • February 3rd 2015: Correlation constraint issues
  • December 23rd 2015: forced to zero issues
  • December 17th 2014: kinetic model constraint issues
  • November 17th 2014: MCR-ALS Toolbox 2.0 (first release)