MCR-ALS GUI 2.0 – Reference and videos

MCR-ALS GUI 2.0 software description has been published: link

Reference: Joaquim Jaumot, Anna de Juan, Romà Tauler. MCR-ALS GUI 2.0: New features and applications. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems,  140, 2015, Pages 1-12.


HQ Videos – Supplementary Material of the manuscript


8 thoughts on “MCR-ALS GUI 2.0 – Reference and videos

      • Thanks!

        I have another question: I have Matlab up and running and have some datasets in my workspace. I’ve then run “mcr_main” and got the GUI. However, when I click the drop-down menu for “Select a variable from the WS” there are no options for me to select.

        Any ideas?


  1. Barry,

    The “pop-up” menu for selecting variables only shows MATLAB “double” data type. If necessary we can adapt this menu for other numeric options such as “single” or “intX”.

    If you work with others Matlab data types (cells, structures, datasets, …), our toolbox is not able to work with them and, so, they do not appear in the pop-up menu.


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